1. Laptop Power Jack Replacement
    This is a specialized service only available on non soldered components, costs are from $100 to $150 when available
  2. Virus , Malware Removal
    We completely clean your computer for $40, and put free antivirus, we currently recommend Avast Free Add $30 for a year of Norton Antivirus
  3. Non Touch Laptop Screens
    We can fix broken or cracked non touch screens for between $100 to $175
  4. Hard Drive Data Retrieval
    Between $20 to $40 as long as hard drive is functional, Customer must provide backup hard drive, jump drive, DVDs etc...
  5. Camera Card , Jump Drive Data Retrieval
    If you have accidentally formatted or erased pictures or data from your drive , we can usually get it back for you.
  6. Reformat , Reload Windows
    This is normally a $40 charge, must have original COA numbers or for windows 8 and 10 must be embedded into Bios