Computer Repair
Virus , Malware removal
Password Reseting
We offer Complete virus and Malware removal and protection thru paid and free services
We offer Hardware services along with 
software, we can fix broken  Laptop  screens, add memory, replace hard drives etc......
We can reset your windows log-on 
passwords, in case they were forgotten

Software Pro 
Computers can be confusing, let us help!
You have Questions? or just need to ask about a simple problem?
Just call, text or email and one of our team will get back to you as 
soon as possible.
Computer Specialist
Fast Turn Around
Fair Pricing
We will go as quickly as possible , it all depends on the problem and speed of the computer, fixing one in an hours time just does not normaly happen. Virus and Malware infections take 1-3 days depending on severity.
We have owned ,and worked on computers since the early 90s, we have seen a few things but we could never see it all!
If you have simple problems or week long disasters just bring it in. 
Most of our work is a $40 flat rate, yes that is cheap I know but we prefer volume to high rates, so either an hour or a week the price is the same. We don't put you on the clock then ride it!
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Hardware Repairs
We can change or work on many of the components inside the pc , such as hard drives, power supplies , memory, broken laptop screens etc.

We Do Not work on phones or tablets at all, Please check with our next door neighbor THE CELL SITE
for those needs!